Russia defeats Canada at Sweden Games

FEB.5 -- Russian National Team defeated Canada 4-1 in its opening contest at Sweden Hockey Games in Stockholm earlier today.

Vasily Tukovsky, Sergei Soin, Ruslan Bernikov and Alexander Suglobov scored for Russia, while Paul DiPietro got the loan Canadian tally. Vladimir Plyuschev's side outshot the opponents 33-22.

Russia lost Fedor Tyutin hours prior to the game. NY Rangers' prospect suffers from swollen knee and will not be available for the tournament. Denis Grebeshkov, who was cut loose by the coaching staff earlier this week will be recalled to take Tyutin's place on the roster.

Defender Vladimir Malenkikh and forward Alexander Polushin didn't play against Canada. Both were healthy scratches.

Russia went ahead on a slap shot from Turkovsky at 1:40 of the opening period, as the puck went in between Jamie Hodson's pads. At 13:04 New Jersey Devils' draftee Suglobov sent the puck into a wide open net, following a slick feed from Colorado Avalanche prospect Soin who won the battle for possession along the boards.

Late in the second period after DiPietro pulled his teem back in the game within a goal, Suglobov had a glorious opportunity to restore a two-goal lead. However young forward failed to beat Hodson on a break-away.

Dallas Stars' draftee Ruslan Bernikov celebrated his National Team debut with a pretty goal at 7:20 of the final period. Soviet Wings forward completed his solo rush with a nifty wrist shot to the topshelve. Dmitry Erofeev rounded up the scoring with less than three minutes to go.

Russia will be facing Finland in its next game on Thursday afternoon.

Game Summary:

RUSSIA - CANADA  4-1 (2-0, 0-1, 2-0)

Russia: Tsarev. Skopintsev (0/1) - Vyshedkevich (0/2), Erofeev (+2/5) - Proshkin (+2/1), Gusev (+1/2) - Turkovsky (+1/4). Krivokrasov (+1/1) - Chupin (0/3) - Tkachenko (0/0), Antipov (0/2) - Zinoviev (0/0) - Grigorenko (0/2), Soin (+2/0) - Tereschenko (+2/1) - Suglobov (+2/5), Bernikov (+1/4) - Trubachev (+1/0) - Perezhogin (0/0).

First period:
1-0 RUS  1:40  Turkovsky,1 (Tereschenko)
2-0 RUS 13:04  Suglobov,1 (Soin)
Penalties: Savoia CAN (tripping) 7:48. Maneluk CAN (high-stick) 15:55. Kobasew CAN (cross-check) 18:07.
Second period:
2-1 CAN 10:45  DiPietro (Henrich)
Penalties: Grigorenko RUS (cross-checking) 1:45. Antipov RUS (roughing) 1:45. Sarault CAN (cross-checking) 1:45. Craig CAN (roughing) 5:25. Heward CAN (roughing double minor) 17:18. Suglobov RUS (roughing double minor) 17:18. Sarault CAN (holding) 19:00.
Third period:
3-1 RUS  7:20  Bernikov,1 (Gusev)
4-1 RUS 17:36  Erofeev,1 (Zinoviev)
Penalties: Gusev RUS (slashing) 8:45. Ferguson CAN (slashing) 13:31.

Goaltenders: Hodson 29/33 - Tsarev (W,1-0-0) 21/22.

RUS  13  6 14 -- 33
CAN   6  7  9 -- 22

Power play: Russia 0/6, Canada 0/2.
February 5. Stockholm. Globe Arena. A - 2,072.

RSB (C) 2003