Russia '85 team start with a win

FEB.5 -- Vladimir Kryuchkov's U-18 Russian National Team opened its final preparatory stage for the World Championship with an overtime victory over Czech Republic last night, in what was the opening game of a 5 Nations Cup held in Prague and its suburbs.

Much like it was the case for the U-20 team in Halifax last month, Russian head coach relied a lot on its top two units which combined for five of team's six goals on the night. Ranked third among the Russian players eligible for the upcoming draft in recent R.S.B. list, Konstantin Glazachev led the charge offensively with two goals and four points. Magnitogorsk pivot Dmitry Pestunov had a goal and two helpers, while captain Andrei Pervyshin assisted on three goals.

Russia took a comfortable two-goal lead halfway trough the third period only to see the host team equalize in a 75 seconds span four minutes later. However it took Kryuchkov's boys just 20 seconds to seal the victory in the overtime period. Yaroslavl's Alexei Ivanov got the decisive tally.

Milan Hluchy (twice), Jan Steber, Petr Machacek and Vojtech Polak scored for Karel Najman's team, while Dmytry Chernykh and Alexander Zhurun got Russia's other goals.

In other Tuesday contest Team USA blanked Finland 4-0.

In its next contest Team Russia will face Team USA on Thursday.


CZECH REPUBLIC vs RUSSIA  5-6 (1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 0-1)

RUSSIA: Borisov. Nosov - Pervyshin, Ezhov - Kosmachev, Vorobiev - Garipov, Panin - Misharin. Makarov - Pestunov - Chernykh. Glazachev - Ivanov - R.Petrov, D.Petrov - Shafigullin - Zhurun, Tolpeko - Loginov - Naurov.

First period:
0-1 RUS  1:42  Chernykh,1 (Makarov, Pestunov)
0-2 RUS 18:14  Glazachev,1 (Pestunov, Pervyshin)
1-2 CZE 18:26  Steber (Vavra, Hluchy)
Penalties: Polak CZE (hooking) 10:24. Steber CZE (holding) 13:53. Kosmachev RUS (boarding) 15:20. Kosmachev RUS (boarding) 19:17.

Second period:
2-2 CZE  8:53  Hluchy (Sindel, Steber)  (pp)
3-2 CZE 16:02  Machacek (Polak, Horava)
3-3 RUS 18:03  R.Petrov,1 (Glazachev, Ivanov)
Penalties: Nosov RUS (slashing) 0:53. Nosov RUS (roughing) 3:07. Kosmachev RUS (hooking) 7:56. CZE bench (too many men) 5:04. Olesz (holding) 12:54. Machalek CZE (boarding) 13:54.

Third period:
3-4 RUS  8:53  Glazachev,2 (Pervyshin)
3-5 RUS  9:48  Pestunov,1 (Zhurun, Chernykh)
4-5 CZE 13:57  Polak (Kratena, Matzke)
5-5 CZE 15:12  Hluchy (Steber)
Penalties: Nosov RUS (hooking) 11:41.

5-6 RUS  0:20  Ivanov,1 (Pervyshin, Glazachev)

Goalies: Cech - Borisov (W,1-0-0) 23/29.

Power play: Czech Republic 1/6, Russia 0/5.

February 4. Boleslav. A - 510.

RSB (C) 2003