Tikhonov's youngsters win the Army battle
Game Recap: SKA - CSKA

OCT.13 -- Viktor Tikhonov's CSKA lead by outstanding Nikolai Zherdev defeated SKA in Saint-Petersburg. Ever popular contest between two teams that used to belong to the State Army in not so distant Soviet time drew respectable crowd at the Ice Palace. Nowadays Army's role in destiny of both clubs is limited by minor shareholding. However rivalry between once powerful Red Army Club and it's little brother (SKA) survived.
   Other intrigue to the game - a contest of coaching minds between Tikhnov and Boris Mikhailov, who rightly dislikes to be called Tikhnov's student. Mikhailov served under Tikhonov only for three seasons - the last of his playing career. Despite being a high scoring forward back in time, Mikhailov-coach takes a defence-first approach to the game - strict opposite of never noticed for his conservatism Tikhnov.
   The on-ice tension was high all game long, but at the same time players conduct was quite sportsmanlike. The home side had a slight advantage over the whole game, however SKA players could neither solve Dusan Salficky nor do anything against Zherdev's line.
   "He (Zherdev) did everything he wanted with our defenders," - said Mikhailov after the game.
   Projected top-3 pick at next year's NHL draft Zherdev scored at 4:03 of the opening period and than set up two key goals by Alexei Kolkunov in the final third of the game.
   Alexei Tsvetkov scored SKA's only goal midway through the second period scoring after a classy rush by Andrei Galushkin. Tsvetkov got another tally late in the third period, but referee Kadyrov called the goal back arguing that SKA forward pushed the puck in along with Salficky.

-- Max Dostoevsky